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1982 Williams Moon Patrol with Arpicade

Completed my 1982 Williams Moon Patrol arcade. When I got the cabinet it was hacked up with a Silkworm conversion kit. After peeking under the laminated sides and seeing the Moon Patrol sideart —I decided to restore what I could back to the original factory appearance.

I couldn't decide whether to locate an original Moon Patrol pcb or run Moon Patrol through emulation. Eventually I decided to keep both options available by restoring the JAMMA harness that was installed and I used a RasberryJamma setup with the Arpicade software. I figured I could always swap out any JAMMA board for a Moon Patrol pcb and a JAMMA adapter.

The setup of a Raspberry Pi 3B+ project pcb and the Attract Mode software took longer than I anticipated. I had alot of fun tinkering with the graphics and creating custom loading/splash screens. Of course I felt the need to overclock the RPi 3b+ so I designed a 3D fan mount in Maya and then I had my son print it out on his 3D printer. It works great, I tapped the 80mm x 80mm fan into the 5v going to the RPi.

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